Anatomy & Physiology

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This certificate is designed to allow choice and foster personal development in fields related to Medical Sciences.  The course aims to promote the acquisition of basic anatomical knowledge and provide an opportunity for students to refresh and develop their skills in anatomy by emphasizing clinical aspects particularly in health and disease. 

The course consists of 24 modules and is aimed at students who would like to acquire an understanding of basic anatomy, or students who already have a background in anatomy and would like to refresh and advance their knowledge.


Duration: 60 Hours/12 weeks  
Cost: $450 (includes access to Anatomy and Physiology for the Human Body in Health and Disease E-book)  

Course Schedule

Week 1:
  • Module 1: Introduction to the Structure and Function of the Body
  • Module 2: The Chemistry of Life
Week 2:
  • Module 3: Cells and Tissues
  • Module 4: Organ Systems of the Body
Week 3:
  • Module 5: Mechanisms of Disease  
  • Module 6: The Integumentary System and Body Membranes        
Week 4:
  • Module 7: The Skeletal System  
  • Module 8: The Muscular System  
Week 5:
  • Module 9: The Nervous System
  • Module 10: The Senses  
Week 6:
  • Module 11: The Endocrine System  
  • Module 12: Blood  
Week 7:
  • Module 13: The Hear and Heart Disease
  • Module 14: The Circulation of the Blood
Week 8:
  • Module 15: The Lymphatic System and Immunity  
  • Module 16: The Respiratory System
Week 9:
  • Module 17: The Digestive System
  • Module 18: Nutrition and Metabolism
Week 10:
  • Module 19: The Urinary System
  • Module 20: Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
Week 11:
  • Module 21: Acid-Base Balance
  • Module 22: The Reproductive System
Week 12:
  • Module 23: Growth and Development
  • Module 24: Genetics and Genetic Diseases

Additional notes

Assessment: End of Module Exams

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*This program does not require approval under the Private Career College Act, 2005
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